Offline workflow in DaVinci Resolve - Update

Well... as luck would have it, I ran into a bit of a snag laying down the multicam workflow in DaVinci Resolve. My intent was to demonstrate the use of low-bandwidth proxies to assist in real-time playback and cutting between camera angles as demonstrated for Media Composer in an earlier tutorial. Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue in Resolve 12.5.3 (current as of this writing) where real-time playback of multicam stutters even though the system resources are barely taxed. I have a support call into BMD and will report back here if we make any progress. Stay tuned...

02_Tutorial Media Composer Multicam Offline Workflow

In this tutorial we learn how to transcode a multicam shoot into a proxy media format suitable for real-time camera angle switching. We then see how to link back to the original source media for finishing. Next, we flattened the multicam edit, mix it down to a high-quality DNxHD codec and output it as a QuickTime Reference. Finally we transcoded the QT Ref file to a YouTube-friendly format using Video Mastering Works.

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