Lighting for Video that Doesn't Suck!

Here's part 1 of a great tutorial from 'The Video Whisperer' that really helps explain why lighting is so important to video production and the elusive 'film look'. You can navigate to other parts of the lighting tutorial from the linked page.

Media Composer Color Correction Tutorials

From our friends over at Avid Screencast - some of the basics of color correction and color grading with Avid Media Composer.

Color Correction Tips with Steve HullFish

Join Steve HullFish at the Editor's Lounge for some fantastic tips on understanding color and color correction.


AMA Workflow 4 - Looking at transcoding to off-line media

Our good friend mjolnarn over at the Avid forms has come up with this wonderful tutorial that shows an AMA workflow in Media Composer 7 for AMA > Offline Edit > Online and final conform to the target resolution to support a QT Ref export.